"Before I knew it, I kept repeating those actions, using those little drumlets to sweep across that sauce which I claimed to be salty just moments earlier. There is a part of these chicken wings that were downright addictive."

"Hoho Chimek isn't really your average Korean restaurant. This cosy little place serves authentic Korean food, including the delicious KFC! Crispy skin and tender in the inside. Just how everyone loves their chicken!"

"Their Soy Garlic Korean Fried Chicken Wings  are for the win. While the chicken meat itself is nothing to rave about, the sauce was one of the best ones we had. Salty, with just a hint of sweetness and oh-so-addictive."


"The korean casual eatery is surprisingly underrated, given it's affordable price point for quality food."
Women's Weekly
"And Hoho Chimek’s wings, when paired with beer, will have you going ‘HOHO’ indeed. Garlic Soy Wings here come with an addictive sauce that we wiped up with every bit of chicken. Double-dipping was never this acceptable."